Pamela Reid

Pamela has a heritage in London for more than 75 years and extensive family roots throughout Newfoundland. After 12 years of working in hospitality service fields she was determined to pursue post-secondary studies. Pamela attended Western as a mature student, completing an Anthropology Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree in Environment and Sustainability.

A longtime supporter of many environmental and social issues, she joined the Green Party both Federally and Provincially over 15 years ago.

Pamela is very passionate about food security, community, green jobs, biodiversity, water, sustainable living and climate change.

The triple bottom line as presented by the Green Party of Ontario — People, Planet and Prosperity, and the six Global Green Principles guide Pamela daily as a model of right livelihood.

Pamela is a mother, sister, daughter, friend and neighbour. She is an avid organic urban agriculturalist and seed saver.